The good dining chair

From our point of view, the chair is perhaps the greatest challenge for a furniture designer to work with, and at the same time, this is also why the chair is the biggest achievement to actually succeed with.


Perhaps it is because the chair is so universal in our daily life, or perhaps because the chair in its basic form is challenging and has some unique possibilities in regards to aesthetic unfolding.


Denmark has a proud tradition of design and has had many great designers throughout time, each of which has marked himself / herself on the world map. Talking about chairs, you have to talk about Wegner who, with his designs, helped to create 'Danish Modern' and change people's general way of looking at furniture through the 1940s to the 1960s.

250 chairs, but still in search of perfection


Hans J. Wegner became especially known for his chairs and is called "Master of the Chair" all over the world


For more than 60 years, he worked to make the perfect chair, and even though he created many models that gave him a lot of success, such as the CH24 from 1949, he was always working towards the perfect chair.


Wegner managed to create more than 250 chair types and produced 500 different furniture pieces, making him one of the most productive furniture designers on a global scale. One could say that he was almost obsessed with his goal of designing the perfect chair and that, despite his great commercial success, he never truly felt that he had achieved that goal.

The Eberhart Babette and Thibault chairs


The fight for the good dining chair is also fought within Eberhart Furniture, where we with great respect and humility in regards to the Danish design traditions chase our own dream of the good chair, which is not only aesthetically beautiful in its form and expression but, in fact, is also comfortable to sit in.


A good chair is not just a good chair from an aesthetic and functional perspective. A good chair is also a chair that is easy to produce, good from a sustainability perspective and not least from an economic perspective.


We think we full-fill these parameters through our chairs Babette and Thibault. Be the judge yourself here.


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