Danish design furniture produced in South Funen

Eberhart Furniture is a Danish furniture brand established by cousins Esben Christoffersen and Rune Vigil Nielsen.

On this page we have collected all current designs that we have in production at the moment.

In Eberhart Furniture we are specializing in the design and production of tables with tabletops in concrete.

In addition to concrete, we also use massive oak in the production of our tabletops.

Additionally we also use steel, copper and brass in the production of our furniture.

All our furniture pieces are designed and manufactured by Eberhart Furniture. All individual components are sent to the production on South Funen, where the individual furniture piece is manufactured, assembled, packed and sent to the customer. Eberhart Furniture therefore represents the classic terminology of Danish design and Danish production in the purest sense of the terminology.

In the production and design of furniture we have a great legacy in Denmark. In regards to the furniture business in Denmark we are in a situation where the rise of the 1960s Danish Design has created an advantageous position for many Danish designers and Danish design companies, which are automatically associated with good quality for the sole reason that they are Danish. The legacy of the conceptual understanding of Danish Design oblige. It commits to rethinking, as the masters themselves did, otherwise the Danish Design brand is hollowed out and devalued. The work of the old masters must not be neglected. They should be used as a springboard and should be considered as a great gift that young, future designers and Danish design companies can use in their work.

Eberhart Furniture also draws inspiration from the Danish furniture gold age, it is impossible not to do because we are Danish and draws the understanding of our past with Danish design furniture with us. 

With us, however, it is important not always to point in the past and to draw too much on the old references that may potentially be diluted. The work of the old masters consists of a number of very beautiful and complete design icons that we must take care of and in our optics not undermine by repeating them again and again in new colors and interpretations that the masters could not vouch for themselves. We focus on having our past with us, but to the extent to creating our own new designs and material compositions that may even be elevated themselves one day. This is what we believe.