Once you have completed a purchase directly from Eberhart Furniture either via email dialogue or through our shop on this site, you will receive an order confirmation and we will initiate the preparation of your furniture. The order confirmation indicates when you can expect to receive your furniture. There are varying delivery lead times regarding which furniture items you bought. 


As a rule of thumb, our remaining delivery lead times range from 2-6 weeks.


Free freight in Denmark. 


In connection with the specific delivery of your furniture, you will be contacted by telephone by the professional furniture freight company, which we use to ensure that you are at home when the table or chairs are ready for delivery.

All our items are delivered to the curb.


It's not a larger issue to carry our coffee tables or chairs from the curb and into the home.

If you purchased a Hector table, it is a good idea to be 2 strong persons to carry the table inside *.







All our tables, with the exception of Gaspard, are packed flat in custom-made cardboard and flamingo packaging.

Chairs are packed separately in their own separate cardboard box.


More info about assembly instruction of tables can be found here.


* Hector Tip:


The tip is carried out entirely at your own risk.


Depending on how far you will need to transport Hector from the curb and whether you are climbing any stairs, you can conveniently unpack Hector out of its box and carry the parts into your home separately.

First, analyze where Hector should be placed and then put a blanket or similar out on the floor. Place your Hector table top (top down) on the carpet so that you are ready to mount the legs. Please follow the instructions here