With its almost caricatured design language, Thibault mimics simplicity in its purest form. For Eberhart Furniture Thibault exemplifies an essential virtue; to discover the core of a given expression or design. Here, the craftsmanship finish and the chair's simple pegged detail in the back, which refers to the Gaspard table from Eberhart's current series, are elegantly expressed. Thibault's simplicity lets the massive, carpentry oak play the first fiddle and in an interplay with Gaspard, the overall understanding of table and chair is elevated into a beautiful, design duality carried by simplicity and craftsmanship streaked with few crucial details that emphasize and reveal the high quality. 


Thibault is carried out in solid oak with pegged details in either oak or brass. Thibault is available in either natural oak or black oiled oak. Thibault is stackable. 


    Online the Thibault chair is available in two versions.

    - Massive Black Oiled Oak w. brass pegged details in the back

    - Massive Natural Oak w. Oak pegged details in the back. 

    The Thibault i massive natural oak is also available with brass details. 


    Height: 80 cm
    Width 45 cm
    Seat dimensions: 42 cm x 42 cm
    Seat height: 46 cm