We present Eugene - a harmonious lounge and coffee table that draws on material references across Eberhart's current collection, starring oak, concrete and brass.The coffee table has direct design references to Eberhart's Thibault chair with its clinical level of detail and caricatured simplicity. Eugene is 4 legs and a table top - Seen before in thousands, but is in its simplicity an alluring and credible suggestion on a table which exemplifies that you with a few tools and materials of the highest quality can create a table that has an aesthetic depth, that is periodically difficult to define, and which at the same time is quite dewy and completely topical. As a cornerstone in the preparation of Eberhart's designs, Eugene is a good example of how the raw and simple expression of the design makes the material stand out. 


Eugene is carried out with a base in solid oak and brass peg details. Table top in either solid oak or concrete.


    Measurements: 125x65x37cm.