Babette is a dining chair with softer strokes, proposing a delicate feminine comment to the more masculine collections of our tables. It was in fact in this context the idea of Babette arose, since she is originally designed as a specific correspondent to Hector, creating a complementary and complete expression when presenting both table and chairs together.

A noteworthy design detail is the angle of the legs of the chair, which have been rotated 45 degrees from a traditional leg frame perspective, where the four legs are often positioned side by side. Babette is also stackable with up to 3 chairs.


    We sell Babette in leather only. If you have any other enquiries in regards to upholstery please don't hesitate to ask us.

    - Anthracite Leather (semi aniline leather from Sørensen Leather)


    Height: 73 cm
    Width from armrest to armrest: 54 cm
    Seat height: 47 cm
    Seat diameter: 40 cm