On this page we share relevant news and small technical Eberhart Furniture related thoughts and scribblings


The good dining chair

From our point of view, the chair is perhaps the greatest challenge for a furniture designer to work with, and at the same time this is also why the chair is the biggest achievement to actually succeed with.


Perhaps it is because the chair is so universal in our daily life, or perhaps because the chair in its basic form is challenging and has some unique possibilities in regards of aesthetic unfolding.



Concrete in history and in furniture design

Concrete is not a new invention, but the road of concrete from an original building material and into the modern living rooms has been long.

In fact, it is only throughout recent years that concrete really has gained acceptance as an exciting material in furniture production and in other interior designs.

Black concrete 2.jpg


The mythical round table

There is something almost mythical about the round table. There were the knights of the round table in King Arthur's court, where the round table reflected the equality of the knights and there was the imprisoned Danish king Christian 2 at Sønderborg Castle which, according to the narratives, should have worn a groove on his round table edge with his thumb during his restless walks around the table .


The round table goes well back in history and can unity a party that no other kind of table can.