All Eberhart Furniture pieces are produced from raw natural materials.
In our current collection we use concrete, brass, steel and massive oak.
This page provides an overview that allows you to get familiar with our different materials.
If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For guidance in regards to maintenance of your furniture we refer to THIS guide.


Eberhart Furniture designs and produces rustic dining tables with concrete table tops. Concrete has a special place in our hearts and for several years we have achieved beautiful results with black grey and light grey table tops. Our latest initiative is to also offer our table tops in entirely white concrete. If you choose this you will find that the elegance of the table is further emphasized and the expression becomes significantly easier and very summery. The white tabletop communicates an extraordinary clean and clinical expression.


In Eberhart we mold all our concrete table tops ourselves. Concrete is a building material that consists of the binder cement, gravel and water.

The concrete table tops from Eberhart are molded on the southern Funen farm, where Eberhart produces its furniture. A molding and hardening process can be controlled more or less to achieve a consistent result. We have in Eberhart a production facility where our plates harden freely. This ratio, combined with the fact that the individual constituents of our concrete mix vary a bit from time to time - Gravel, for example, can change slightly in color and substance depending on where it comes from -  makes each cast and hence each tabletop harden up a little differently each time. We achieve changes in the surface of the table top with different small color shades and fine characteristic air holes. We consider the concrete table tops as our Eberhart signature, and as the table's great strength.


Here we will illustrate within what span you can expect to receive your tabletop. Basically, it will be that you will experience one specific table top in a given exhibition, but you will receive a fresh plate from our production that will vary slightly from the one you have experienced.

We mold table tops in classic light grey concrete, table tops in black grey and table tops in white concrete. 

The table tops pictured here are picked out randomly from our production and illustrate the general diversity of the concrete table tops. It is within this range that you can expect to receive just your concrete table top.

From the production all table tops are treated with a nano cover. The nano cover helps the concrete repel fluids and thereby stains. Further more each table top is treated with a turpentine based wax. Please read our full maintenance guide here for full insights in how to treat and maintain your table top.

Black Grey Concrete

The black color of our darkest tabletops origins from black iron oxide pigment which is poured into the wet concrete mix. Our dark table tops are thus solid coloured. The pictures indicate how you can expect to receive your "black grey" concrete tabletops. 

 The concrete has been blackened and the color closes in to dark anthracite but "black grey" is the closest and broadest color reference

Light Grey Concrete

Our light grey concrete table tops are mixed with a little white pigment making the contrast between our light grey and black grey tabletops slightly more distinct. The light grey tabletops have the characteristic concrete look you know from the building industry making this our most industrial and raw table top in terms of color.

White Concrete

Our white table tops are like our black grey table tops solid coulored. The white table tops are very clean in their expression with almost no color variations. If you did not know it you would not guess that the material was concrete. Freshly waxed the white table tops resembles white plain marble or Corian but with a more playfull surface


At Eberhart Furniture we use premium full stave massive oak with small knuckles and splinters. We find that the natural distinctive character of the wood makes the product even more beautiful. We deliver the oak either untreated, white oiled or black oil treated. If you wish, we can deliver your wood with a transparent oil treatment as well. For the oil treatment of our wood we use a linseed based oil.

Oak / Untreated

When you receive light oak from Eberhart it has not been treated. This means that the wood will eventually get stains. If you wish to maintain the bright ashy look of the natural oak, but make the wood more resistant we recommend treating it with soap flakes.

Oak / Oiled

We offer to oil treat the oak if you prefer a darker shade of wood that is more resistant. - The oil also makes the details in the wood appear more prominent. 

Oak / Black Oiled

We use Junckers Black Oil to dye our massive oak. From the production we dye the wood only once. If you wish a darker shade of oak we can recommend to dye your black oiled oak once more. Follow the instructions on the can from Junckers. You can find the black oil here:  

Oak / White Oiled

We use Junckers White Oil to dye our massive oak. From the production we dye the wood only once. If you wish an even more white shade of oak we can recommend to dye your white oiled oak once more. Follow the instructions on the can from Junckers. You can find the white oil here:  


At Eberhart Furniture we finish the under frame on Babette and Marion with either black powder paint or white powder paint. On special requests we can also supply the chairs in raw oiled steel. Here are our metals exemplified through a small slice from the frame on a Marion chair.

Our raw oiled steel is not further processed, so your chair will eventually corrode and appear with raw patina. 

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Eberhart Furniture is a company specialized in designing and producing concrete tables. We produce locally in Denmark on a South Funen based farm.
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