On this page, we give you an overview of how you can choose to maintain your new table from Eberhart Furniture.

Our guide is divided into the following sections:

Maintenance of concrete tables

What do we do if we get a stain on our concrete table?

Maintenance of wooden parts

But before maintenance, you need to receive your table first from our preferred freight partner.




If you have bought a table with a table top in concrete, we recommend the following:


Your table top is pre-impregnated with a nano-cover from the production. We use this impregnation.

Via the link, you can buy the product and also read more about it.


You can choose to use the table as it is and, if desired, supplement the maintenance by retreating the table top with the impregnation every now and then.

Follow the instructions on the product.


With our basic impregnation, it is important to underline that the table would still be delicate in regards to receiving stains from acid, fat, red wine etc, but you would be able to react if the accident has happened.


As a further care and maintenance of your table top, we recommend supplementing the impregnation with a transparent wax.

The wax we recommend is turpentine-based and hardens up like hard candle wax. You can find the wax here. Follow the instructions on the pot.

The wax gives the table top a comfortable, soft and highly repellent surface.

You can advantageously maintain the table with the light wax on a monthly basis, but evaluate yourself as the table is taken into use.


In the daily just clean the concrete table top with an ordinary damp cloth

A little note concerning our "black grey" concrete: 

We call our dark concrete table tops "black grey" or "blackened concrete". The color itself can, however, objectively be discussed,

but black grey is this term that comes closest to the color:

The color is darker than dark grey and more in the direction of anthracite and black. We call it black grey.





Concrete is a building material that contains natural elements like lime, gravel, and water. Even though you treat your table according to the above, we can not guarantee that it is 100% reprehensible to acid, coffee, red wine, and fat. With the above treatment procedure, you are well covered against stains, but should the accident happen and the red wine bottle or coffee cup has stood overnight on your table and left a stain or ring, all hope is not out of course.


We personally think that the concrete table tops should be allowed to live their lives and be scarred by time. We have many customers who simply deny us to treat their tables from the production because they want a rough expression over time, but if you get a spot you can not live with, we recommend the following:


The tip here is carried out entirely at your own risk and applies to both our light and dark concrete table tops.


Pour some water on the stain and now use a piece of abrasive paper or a high-grade sanding sponge (minimum 400) and rub the spot / coffee ring in circular motion quite easily with the abrasive paper in the water until you sense that the ring/spot disappears. Wipe the water along the way and determine if the stain needs another round with the abrasive paper.


Repeat the local nano / oil / wax treatment described in the sections above, which relate to the color concrete table top you have.


You can also perform this water grinding on the entire table top if you feel the table needs a general refresh. Repeat the nano / oil / wax treatment.


If you are unsure of the procedure here, you are also welcome to contact us either on the phone or email.




At Eberhart Furniture we use massive oak in the production of our wooden table tops, legs, and extra leaves.

As an alternative to our concrete table tops, we offer table tops in massive oak.


This section deals with our recommendation for maintaining your wooden parts from Eberhart Furniture.


We deliver wooden parts in black oiled oak, white oiled oak or treated oak.



White & Black oiled oak


To dye our oak we use turpentine-based oils from Junckers, which you can find here. You can find more information about the oil via the link, where you can also be guided to the nearest dealer.


If you have bought a table or have extra leaves in either white or black oil, you can in regards to daily cleaning simply wipe the plates with a damp cloth.


Should the accident be out and should you get a cut or scratch in the wood over time, where the original bright oak becomes devoid, we simply recommend that you dap the exposed places with a little oil (either black, white or invisible) using a cotton pad.


If you feel that the wooden parts need a refreshment or a little deeper glow, we can recommend retreating the extra leaves with black oil every now and then.


Note! The oils color STRONGLY so our recommendation is to wear rubber gloves and be careful about floors and other environments when you oil the wood.


It's easiest to freshen the extra leaves when they are mounted on Hector. 

Follow the instructions on the oil pot from Junckers.


If you also think your table legs need a breath of fresh air, we also recommend that you use the relevant color oil and follow the instructions on the product.



Treated oak


If you have bought a table or extra leaves in oak, which is not specifically ordered as either white or black, your oak parts will be delivered treated with an invisible oil.


Oak can be treated in many ways and usually, our customers wish their oak table from Eberhart Furniture to match existing wood in the home. For this reason, we deliver our oak treated with an invisible oil which matches the natural oak color.


We recommend either treating your table top or table legs with:

soap flakes, beeswax, linseed oil or lye.

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