Round meeting table from Eberhart Furniture

Hector is a round concrete table from Eberhart Furniture

Hector is handmade at our South Funen production facilities and consists of a round concrete table top in diameter 120cm, based on 5 massive oak legs. The legs are sculpted together by our iconic assembly ring, which is made of either bead blasted steel or solid brass. Hector comes in 3 concrete variations: Anthracite grey (very dark gray / almost black) concrete, light grey concrete and white concrete. In addition, we also offer Hector in either black-oiled, massive oak or natural, massive oak. There may be some variations that are not listed here on the page. In case of additional info or questions for combination options, you are welcome to contact us directly here. We respond with the speed of lightning.

Many applications

 Hector finds many applications. The natural and obvious choice is to integrate Hector as the dining table of the private home but we get many positive expressions from companies that also use Hector, as a round meeting table in business contexts.

As a round meeting table in the boardroom or in the elegant meeting room, Hector is the obvious choice. Based on our, naturally quite subjective perspective, the table signals good taste and the table has further more a strong visual signal value. 

In the standard edition, Hector measures 120cm, and in use, as a meeting table, you can comfortably seat 6 people around the table.

Round meeting table with extra leaves
We have designed extra leaves to the Hector table which allow the table to be extended from 120cm to 170cm. The extra leaves come in massive oak - either natural oak, white oiled oak or black oiled oak. Hector thus constitutes a round meeting table with a unique and raw material combination that seats 10 people.

Do you intend to use Hector in business contexts, like a meeting table, a canteen table or as a center-piece in the company's entrance facilities, we would like to hear from you. If you have any questions, we are always ready on the phone. You can catch us at the main number: +45 30274556

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Eberhart Furniture is a company specialized in designing and producing concrete tables. We produce locally in Denmark on a South Funen based farm.
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