Concrete in history and in furniture design

Concrete is not a new invention, but the road of concrete from an original building material and into the modern living rooms has been long. In fact, it is only throughout recent years that concrete really has gained acceptance as an exciting material in furniture production and in other interior designs.


A historical material


Concrete-like materials have been used for construction since ancient times, but not with the cement mixes used today. It was the Romans who created a mixture that resembles the concrete used today.


At that time it was created with burnt lime and volcanic ash, which was used by the Romans to mold their impressive building foundations. However, the concrete technology of the Romans was more or less lost with the fall of the Roman empire, and only in the 1800s we re-invented and recovered concrete and began to use it for buildings, bridges, roads, and dams.


In the late 1800s and in the early 1900s, concrete began to be used for housing construction, and only in recent years, interior designers have begun to use the raw material in furniture production.

Each concrete table top is unique


Concrete means something special for us in Eberhart Furniture. We design and produce rustic dining tables in concrete, which we mold ourselves on our South Funen based farm where we have our production.


Here our concrete table tops harden freely and combined with the fact that the individual components of our concrete mixes vary a bit from time to time, we get different expressions on the surface of the table tops with slight differences in color shades and fine, distinctive air holes.


If treated right concrete is easy to maintain and clean, and adds some texture that is unique to this particular material.


In our furniture design, we consider the concrete tables as our Eberhart signature and as the table's unique strength. Do not hesitate to experience our range of concrete tables here


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