Rustic furniture in the heart of Copenhagen

Eberhart Furniture produces rustic furniture locally in South Funen with showroom in old Copenhagen.

Eberhart Furniture presents rustic furniture in Copenhagen. In Eberhart Furniture we produce table tops in concrete with under frames in solid oak, brass and steel. Are you looking for rustic furniture in Copenhagen? In the Eberhart Furniture showroom, you can be inspired by our collection for your home or project. Book a physical presentation at Kronprinsessegade 8, or experience a selection of the collection on this page.

Eberhart has one foot located in Copenhagen and the other in the South Funen mould. By this the company encapsulates both the urban city environment, where the company has established a showroom at Kronprinsesssegade 8 near Kings Garden and the quiet and not least spacious surroundings in Sydfyn. In Copenhagen we take care of the daily administration with presentations in the showroom and where we enjoy a vibrant network that constantly inspires us to be in line with new design trends and trends. In Funen we have established ourselves at Esben's 6th generation farm which we have converted from functioning farm into furniture production facilities. The farm has become Eberhart's brand face to the outside. The farm serves as a creative breathing space in the development of new furniture, but not least the farm works as the place where Eberhart produces the company's rustic furniture.

The rustic appearance of our furniture is reflected through our concrete tables tops, which we produce in South Funen.

Concrete is a material consisting of cement, stone, sand (or gravel) and water. Cement can roughly be broken up into lime and clay. At Eberhart Furniture we have established concrete moulding facilities at our family-owned farm in South Funen, where the old stable has been converted into a large mold room.

Each table top becomes unique. The concrete mixture differs slightly from casting to casting, as the concrete in production is affected by weather and wind during the hardening process. Hereby the table tops achieve different changes and shades and thus a unique result every time. All table tops will thus be different and, from the birth of the furniture, will get a rustic expression, which we consider to be a great strength in the anatomy of the individual furniture.