Eberhart Furniture is a young danish furniture brand founded by cousins Rune Vigil and Esben Christoffersen in 2014.


The purpose of Eberhart is to produce original high quality furniture that tributes the beauty of raw materials. 

The designs are kept clean and simple allowing the materials to come into their own without losing their original expression.

All Eberhart products are produced in Denmark and carefully assembled on the cousins’ family farm, located in the south of the isle of Funen.

Continue reading to learn more about the company, the cousins, and the fictional ancestor; Count Eberhart.


The seeds of Eberhart Furniture were laid in the small village of  Tulstrup near the town of Ry,  Jutland, where the cousins’ grandfather passed on his skills and craftsmanship as a reputable architect and carpenter.
Esben and Rune have spent all of their school holidays in Tulstrup and thus in the well-assorted workshop of the grandfather. Due to the grandfather’s long-serving work as a carpenter and architect, the cousins gained knowledge about the execution of quality craftsmanship. The school holidays in Ry were a refuge for Rune, Esben and the rest of the large cousin pack who would play around in the beautiful surrounding nature or in the workshop all day long.

In the founding of Eberhart the cousins have carried this refuge, enlightenment and knowledge with them.

Founders of Eberhart Furniture
Founders of Eberart Furniture

Esben Christoffersen is educated as a construction architect and has great experience in planning large building projects in cooperation with acknowledged engineers and architects.

Rune has a cross-disciplinary cultural university background and has worked in music, art and furniture circles for years.
With a deep passion for craftsmanship, design and for the exploration of materials, Esben Christoffersen and Rune Vigil established
Eberhart Furniture.


The company has one foot in the streets of Copenhagen and the other in the mould of the isle of Funen. 

Eberhart Furniture therefore encapsulates both the urban city environment from their showroom in the heart of Copenhagen near King’s Garden and the peaceful rural surroundings in the south of Funen. 

Geographically, the cousins are divided in the everyday life. In April 2018, Esben moved with his family down to the farm to be completely close to production and prototype development.

Rune manages the showroom and sales from Copenhagen, where he lives privately. The cousins meet up weekly either on Funen or in Copenhagen, where the cousins enjoy a pulsating network that constantly inspires to be in line with new design trends and trends.

The farm on Funen, where Eberhart has established itself, is Esben's 6th generation family farm. Agriculture was driven up to 2018, where Esben took over and now gradually converts the old facilities to embrace own furniture production. 

The farm has become the identificational face of Eberhart and also serves as a creative  refuge for the sprouting development of new designs.


All Eberhart products start their lives by leaving the farm from where they have been assembled, quality testet and packed one by one.