Eberhart was founded by cousins Esben Christoffersen and Rune Vigil. Est. 2014.

The seeds of Eberhart were laid in the small village of Tulstrup near the town of Ry, Jutland, where the cousins´ grandfather passed on his skills and craftsmanship as a reputable architect and carpenter. 
Esben and Rune have spent all of their school holidays in Tulstrup and thus in the well assorted workshop of the grandfather. Because of the grandfather’s long-serving work as a carpenter and architect the cousins gained knowledge about the execution of quality craftsmanship. The school holidays in Ry were a refuge for Rune, Esben and the rest of the large cousin pack who could play in the beautiful nature surroundings or in the workshop all day long.

In the founding of Eberhart the cousins have carried this refuge, enlightenment and knowledge with them.



Furniture designer, Esben Christoffersen is educated as a construction architect and has great experience in planning large building projects in cooperation with acknowledged engineers and architects.

Furniture designer Rune has a cross-disciplinary cultural university background and has worked in music- art and furniture circles for years. With a deep passion for craftsmanship, design and for the exploration of materials, Esben Christoffersen and Rune Vigil established Eberhart Furniture; a business in which the time to explore and craftsmanship take priority rather than tight deadlines and large building projects.



The company has one foot in the streets of Copenhagen and the other in the mould of the isle of Funen. Eberhart Furniture thus encapsulates both the urban city environment of the Nørrebro quarter of Copenhagen and the peaceful rural surroundings in the south of the isle of Funen.

The cousins live in Copenhagen from where all daily administrations are taken care of. In Copenhagen Eberhart benefits from a large network of skilled people which constantly makes sure that the spirit of the designs are modern and are challenged always to do a little better.

On Funen Ebehart has established a workshop at Esben´s paternal farm. The farm has become the identificational face of Eberhart and also serves as a creative refuge for the sprouting furniture development and new designs.



Eberhart is the name of the cousins non-existing relative, who is a multi scientist, super-craftman and a protector of society and nature. Eberhart is Count of a realm build of strong and beautiful materials, a realm where laminates and plastic fittings are illegal. The use of such materials can lead to eternal banning. In Count Eberharts realm a well assorted workshop is more appreciated by the citizens than the living room, and all the inhabitants are super experienced craftsmen and designers.

The Count origins from Germany and he therefore finds great pride in quality, simplicity and keeping time schedules and agreements. When in doubt of taking a new decision the cousins ask Count Eberhart to stick out the right direction; Would The Count choose a tabletop of melamine or a tabletop of Concrete?



The philosophy of Eberhart is to make furniture where natures raw materials are tamed and mixed in tight and clean lines without losing its original expression. Eberhart makes furniture in strong and functional materials that ages and patinates with beauty, exactly as Count Eberhart would do it himself.

Eberhart is producing at a local level to make sure that every component is made by a craftman who has the perfect working conditions and who enjoys putting quality into the furniture. All Eberhart products are made in Denmark.


The Eberhart Press Material contains:

– A press release in Danish and English with general information about Eberhart

– The Eberhart Logo in Vector

– Relevant high-res Packshots and Catalogue Pictures of present Eberhart Products

– Up-to-date high-res Pictures of the Eberhart Cousins